Slice 2: Winging It

This week’s ADHD Success Club module is focused on brain functioning and awareness of how to boost your brain function. So far my week has been full of things that sabotage my brain functioning:

  1. Coming off a break of inconsistent routines
  2. A break where I couldn’t fully relax because of worry for the health of a loved one
  3. Need for a  day off/sub to help loved one
  4.  Not in my own bed 
  5. Time apart from hubby and kids
  6. Sleep deprivation
  7. Stress and sugar
  8. Writing deadline for students
  9. Meetings and time away disturbing needed planning
  10. Lesson plans not fully formed

Years ago all I knew was winging it. Now the mere thought of incomplete plans stresses me out. Still, though, being put in the position to choose family  first means realizing how often I choose work first.  Having a boss insist that I put family first makes me realize that times come where we make the choice to do what’s right in one area and wing it in another. And in it all, you know who understands and steps up–family, friends, teachers, students–my community.  

Here’s to a test day tomorrow in class followed by a weekend to recuperate, so I can sleep and relax enough to gain clarity and focus. That way next week I can soar out from beneath the wings 


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