Want an ADHD-Friendly Calendar?

Don’t Throw Out the Whole System

In the past, I’ve been unable to sustain a calendar system frustratingly abandoning the app or system all together or trying the app of the week. Novelty did not lead to consistency; it led to disorganization. How many times have I thrown away a whole system because a piece of it didn’t work or because I saw something else I thought would work better or became frustrated by one piece of the system that seemed unworkable?

When I’m constantly seeking what is new and shiny and trying to find the perfect ADHD-friendly calendar app, GTD app, or system, nothing will ever be simple or consistent. Dana suggests avoiding abandoning a system too soon because I think it isn’t working. That’s an ADHD habit that doesn’t work for us! Adjust before throwing out the whole system.

During Tuesday’s ADHD Success Club Skills Call on ADHD friendly calendars, I got laser coaching. Dana walked me through this as we looked at why my current calendar wasn’t working. My calendar of clutter with repeating syncs and outdated calendars and multiple tasks made no sense, not at all ADHD friendly. As Dana and I discussed what wasn’t working, we came up with strategies to make my system workable. On Thursday’s action call, Dana returned to these questions as she worked with the ADHD Success Club members individually to troubleshoot problems members were having with their calendars.

I see the strategic advantage to this approach, and I see it beginning to play out in my world. What’s shiny and new has actually lost its novelty and become mundane. What seems shiny to me now is embracing how to “think and act like an organized person,” so I can put together the pieces of this puzzle and create my own masterpiece, an image of clarity and consistency. Also, an ADHD friendly calendar! You can also read

You can learn more about Dana Rayburn’s  ADHD coaching at www.danarayburn.com.


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