Slice 1: Time


Today marks my 6th year of participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, but I have left, and I am trying to work through ADHD issues and behaviors that get in my way.

I have decided to participate this year; however, I have given myself one condition:

Let go of perfectionism and overthinking. That being the case, I am going to limit the time spent blogging to 15 minutes each day. This means I won’t be wordsmithing my blogs. You’ll get the draft version–maybe I’ll write less. 🙂

We don’t get time back.  When a moment passes, it is gone. I might capture the moment in a photo; however, I can never go back to that interaction or that opportunity.

Taking my mom to have a procedure at the hospital, I was keenly aware of time. The nurse spent us extra time getting to know us, joking with my mom, going out of his way to find coffee with hazelnut creamer for my mom. Another hospital staff member walked us clear across the building to help us find we were going. My mom, who couldn’t eat or drink because of the procedure, made me coffee and breakfast this morning. Friends at school helped me out when I had to be out. I went shopping for my mom and spent some time chatting with the bag boy asking about his new job marketing pencils for a company. Time. Each day we make the choice of how we spend it, how we serve others,  how we allow ourselves to be served, and the attitude we have.

The hospital staff loved my mom–why? She is full of life, humor, and spirit. She is 83, and she impacts others just by being present and positive and having a sense of humor.

Time. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, so I plan to make the most of today.






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  1. This is a beautiful line: “Time. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, so I plan to make the most of today.” Such a wonderful reminder of what’s important! Happy slicing!


  2. Colin Davitt says:

    Loved the message. I was just writing the other day about choosing a path to go lightspeed or kidspeed. You know kidspeed, how they just seem to wander through life enjoying every second even though we have to leave like five minutes ago. You post is a great reminder to just slow down and take life as it comes. Thank you!


  3. Embekka says:

    This was extremely insightful. I am trying to find the balance of my time and you seemed to have a great understanding of your priorities.


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