Reminders: Actions not Thoughts

2.14 Reminders: Actions not Thoughts  Posted at

Moving from thought to action is a difficult journey for me. That’s how last week’s module was. Setting reminders is easy; however, following directions from a beep or a buzz is much more difficult. Writing this week’s blog was difficult until last night because the module was still in my head, still in thoughts not actions.

I wrote a blog, but I wasn’t feeling success, so I thought back to the calls and what reminders other club members were helping with their routines. Last night I set a simple reminder: “Get ready for tomorrow.” Rarely do I pick out my clothes and pack my bag for work. Instead, I scramble in the morning to get things done. I begin my day hectic, I wolf down my breakfast in the car, and I don’t have time to mentally prepare for a day of eighth graders.

Last night I ignored the reminders on my phone for quite awhile. Finally, though, when the papers were graded, I responded to the beep that was set on repeat. The trouble with reminders of the past is I would turn them off before completing the task–just to stop the beep.

What I realized last night is that when I am hyperfocused, on task, and working, I don’t need to answer the beep right away to address the reminder. I could continue with the monotony of grading papers until I finished. then, I could answer the beep of the reminder.

Answering the 10th beep is still getting something that needs to be done done. As I responded to the beep and prepared for the next day, I realized that those repeating beeps actually kept me focused on finishing one task and moving to and completing the next task. Yes, the gentle nagging reminder is what I need in one form or another

Suspension of disbelief is necessary for success–instead of focusing one what hasn’t worked in the past, I have to be willing to try new things and move from stagnate thought to deliberate action. Also, I need to celebrate small successes. When I hear myself saying,  “I have never” or “I’ve always,” I need to let go of those thoughts to move forward.

Maybe I’m a bit of a leaky sieve with reminders at this point catching only a few reminders, but that’s a start. As long as I listen to the positive messages in my head and move thoughts into action, I’ll can keep moving forward until these reminders become watertight with more remembered and accomplished.


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