Clarity. A simple word. A clear word. A difficult word. My word. My word for a year. Yes, I’m seeking clarity in 2017. Right now I’m not very good at clarity. I mean I’m driven by distractions and eluded by clarity. Until I hyperfocus with a clear agenda, I go in 100 different directions and don’t accomplish a lot. Thank God for my husband, or the clothes would never make it to the dryer. 

 Tomorrow I return to work, and right now I’m blogging.  Why? Midnight on a school night surrounded by an unpacked bag and papers strewn all over the place. Clothes not out. Teeth not brushed. Calendar/to dos undone and not printed. 
For me, fuzzy is natural, and focus is fleeting. I see the distractions, and I’m driven to them. For me, squirrel moments are natural, and zoom focus moments are fleeting. Worse yet, I’m zoom focused with unimaginable hyperfocus, but at the wrong time or on the wrong topic or task. And if I’m honest with myself, there isn’t a method to my madness–don’t let me tell you otherwise.

I plan to work towards clarity. In fact, I’m going to join a program and blog about my journey. And so this year is about seeking out the kind of clarity I need. This is what all the people in my life deserve–including me.

The bracelet I bought for my one little word is blurry.

Unless I work hard to focus and get it at just the right angle, then the image is clearer.


Seek the right angle

Pause. Prioritize. Focus.

Clarity revealed.



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  1. Lisa Keeler says:

    Great word. I like how you think about the word from so many angles with this piece of writing. Good luck with your first day back.


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