Zapping Procrastination: Taking Action to Eliminate Distraction


A cure for procrastination? A procrastination zapper?

Yeah, right. The idea seems like something for people who are different from me. Quick learners. Direction followers. Step-by-step people.  Zoom focused types. Yet when I read the blog post of Dana Rayburn, ADHD Coach, the procrastination zapper made total sense to me.  Her zap list is speaking my language because Dana Rayburn is ADHD, too. Step-by-step in a way that addresses the way my brain is wired.

I’ve been trying her zap method for awhile, well, 2 days to be exact. I have found when I make a conscious effort, study Dana’s zap list, and think and work towards success, I am a master zapper. My master zapping lasted for awhile, but then, I was distracted by the 15-opened tabs, the beeping of my Apple Watch, the notification pop-ups, and the movement of people and animals.

Oh, yeah…there’s that part of her zapping. I was supposed to do something about those distractions and notifications and shiny things in my way.

This morning I decided to zap procrastination and grade papers.

Zap list is out and placed prominently–check!

I readied myself. I told myself the right words.

Then, I told myself the wrong words, “Oh, but it’s break, and I don’t want to grade. I shouldn’t work on break. I don’t wanna…”

Gosh, Dana’s right, that is the voice of a toddler coming from me, and I’m not at all amused that I fit that mold, but it’s true.

Positive talk, “Okay, now commit, Maya. I’m going to grade 2 papers before the football game.”

Done.  Yes, the zap works when I work it.

Dana Rayburn can tell you better than I can–believe me–I’m a mere neophyte as I talk myself into productivity, question what’s in my way, break things down, and set goals for myself.

I’m still trying to figure out how I can grade papers in Google Docs without the distractions of beeps and banners and notifications not to mention the movement of people and pets and the noises around me. Just when I thought I was a model procrastination zapper with notifications off on my laptop,  a FB message popped up on my screen. Then, my Apple watch beeped. I didn’t close my 15 windows, and felt compelled to click on an opened tab. Oh, and there was also the moment when my mom Facetimed me and the ring came through on my watch, iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. Grading digitally and working online means airplane mode isn’t available to me; however, I can lessen the “noises” around me.

Incessant and annoying “mental chatter” and distractions all around me are real challenges to find ways to minimize, so as I find myself trying to move forward and get stuff done, I realize I’m in process. This is going to take some time and A LOT of effort; time and effort that are sustained and solution-focused.

In process is not an excuse to give into the mental chatter. In process–hmmmm–perhaps I should replace “in process” with “in progress.”

Yes, I’m in progress. Suddenly, I’m feeling like I’ve risen above toddler talk.

Yes, tomorrow when I awake, I’m going to send the toddler voice packing because I’m in progress. Small steps forward.

“I don’t wanna,” isn’t old enough to drive the car. Seriously, that’s the voice of ADHD. And that is not the voice, I want to control my actions because I’m taking the wheel. I’m driving. MOVE OVER ADHD. I’m taking the wheel from you; it’s my turn to drive.


Full of ADHD thoughts and actions that get in the way of progress? Struggling with procrastination? Join me in zapping procrastination.

  • Click here to read Dana Rayburn’s post about procrastination.
  • On that post, you’ll find a link to her audio.







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  1. Loralee says:

    WOW! What a powerful post!


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