Task Done

Papers Graded. Brain Faded.

The papers are graded. I met a goal–finish grading essays before the end of 2016.

Okay, so I’m going to typecast myself and lump myself with other ADHDers. Here are some things we typically hate:

  • monotonous tasks
  • lack of novelty
  • reading/doing something that isn’t interesting

I love my students, and I love writing. However, I do NOT love reading 29 papers written about the same thing with many of the same examples. Yawn!

Note to Self About Approaching the Task of Grading a Mountain of Essays

  1. Batch grading helps–once I’m in the routine of the monotonous task, I can withstand the monotony for longer.
  2. The timer is key! With the timer set for 10 minute increments, the beep is my master, and I am responsive.
  3. Morning is a better time to grade. Maybe I should go to work earlier and grade in the morning.
  4. Texts on the computer are not good. I need to airplane all things Apple.
  5. There is more work to be done in streamlining essay comments and grading. 20-30 minutes per essay is way tooooo much time even if this is for my lit students.
  6. Breaks are key. Little breaks are needed.
  7. Music is helpful. Upbeat music without catchy lyrics. That keeps my grading flow going.

Note to Self About The Assignment

  1. I need to vary topic choices (4 choices about courage in To Kill a Mockingbird still equals me reading about courage EVERY-SINGLE-TIME). Ugh.
  2.  I should focus on certain areas for certain papers. I’m working too hard to assess everything.
  3. I need to do something with all the feedback and data of this digital Google Sheet with disaggregated on a spreadsheet/rubric I spent so long figuring out.
  4. I need to work on better ways to differentiate how I’m working with student writers individually, so that there aren’t so many problems on the final product. More problems means the grading takes longer.




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